Be of good cheer

Near the end of every January, stories circulate about“Blue Monday,” supposedly the year’s most depressing day. Factors include broken New Year’s resolutions, Christmas debts and cold weather. But this phenomenon actually originated as a PR gimmick. U.K. marketers invented Blue Monday as “the best day to book a summer holiday,” and a psychologist they enlisted to help later admitted the saddest-seeming day became a self-fulfilling prophecy. January may lack the excitement of December, but it doesn’t have to be a letdown. Christmas is over, but Jesus isn’t! No matter the season of the year or our season of life, Christians always have a reason for joy: God’s promises of forgiveness and eternal victory. As Jesus says in John 16:33,“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer;I have overcome the world” (KJV).

Sunday's message 8th January 2023 by Pastor Kirk Power of the Word

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