Important Dates

1956 – Starts in a shop in the precinct – congregational church

1959 – October dedication of building – Rev Williams starts part time

1963 – Due to poor attendance handed over to come back to God campaign

1964 – April Barry Buckingham becomes Pastor

1964 – December Fire Destroys roof and damage to building

1965 – December Barry Buckingham ordained as a minister in the work of the " Come Back to God “

1974 – Purchased by FIEC

1977 – Pastor Ernie Norman induction service

After Pastor Ernie Norman left in 1992, Mr John Gowing served the church as Elder while having a full time job.

2019 – August – March 2020, Mr David Walsh served the church as Pastor

2020 – April John Gowing and Kirk Moyo become pastors.


Induction of the Rev. Ernie Norman

Coventry Evening Telegraph  - Monday 12th September 1977

170 guests at induction – Former members and friends travelled for the service of induction of the Rev. Ernie Norman at Willenhall Evangelical Free Church Remembrance Road. Coventry, on Saturday. A marquee was used and about 170 people attended. Mr Norman Walker a lay preacher, and the Rev. Bernard Dodd took place in the service.

Damaged Church is Re-Dedicated

Coventry Evening Telegraph - Monday 21 March 1966

DAMAGED CHURCH IS RE-DEDICATED AFTER being badly damaged by fire in December, 1984, Willenhall Evangelical Free Church, Coventry, was re-dedicated on Saturday. The church, which was built in 1953 as a Congregational Church, was set alight by a vandal. It was patched up immediately and has been used for worship every Sunday since the incident. The re-dedication on Saturday was performed by the Rev. Dennis Paterson. who is director of the 'Come Back to God" campaign, of which the Willenhall Church forms a part. Restoration work has been carried out by the Rev. John Bailey and the Rev. Bill Hall, and members of the campaign, at a cost of £2,000, which Included extra panelling inside the building. This was £1,750 less than the professional estimate and almost £l,000 less than the amount allowed by the insurance company, Mr. Paterson, in thanking all those concerned with the restoration. said of the church: "It is even lovelier than the one they burned down." As a precaution against further fire damage a new fire-proof cellinz has been fitted.

Willenhall Pastor Ordained Mr. J. Barry Buckingham 

Coventry Evening Telegraph - Monday 13 December 1965

MR. J. BARRY BUCKINGHAM. who has been pastor of Willenhall Free Church. Remembrance Road, Coventry, since April of last year, was ordained as a minister in the work of the " Come Back to God " campaign at a well-attended service on Saturday evening. The service was held at Christ Church. Cheylesmore, which was lent to the Non- conformists by the Vicar, the Rev. W. G. L. James, because their own church. a dual purpose hall. was not large enough. In addition to members of the Free Church congregation, representatives from the six other churches in England which are similarly in the care of the Perivale Mission London.

The climax of the service was the laying on of hands by the Rev. D. R. D. Paterson. director of the mission; the Rev. E. J. W. Westwood, of Spruce Hill Baptist Church, Walthamstow; Mr. Thomas Harry, through whom Mr. Buckingham first became interested in religion in Cornwall; and Mr E. W. Norman, of the Perivale Mission. The ordination service. conducted by the Rev. W. G. L. James and the Rev. Eric Westwood. followed two years in which Mr. Buckingham served as a student pastor in Rochdale and Coventry. land a week's examination by the officials and members of the Perivale Mission Church.

Mr. Buckingham. who was formerly a deacon at the Perivale church in London, lives with his wife and baby daughter in Rangemoor, Willenhall.